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Patron Information

General Access to the Frankston Arts Centre
Everyone is welcome at the Frankston Arts Centre. Babies and children are welcomed in the company of their parent/guardian at all times the Centre is open. Enjoyment of our Centre is reliant upon visitors conducting themselves in a mindful way which doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of other patrons. Frankston Arts Centre Management will request any patron breaching this requirement to leave the premises, irrespective of the age of the patron.

General Performances
Everyone attending a performance at the Frankston Arts Centre, including children and babies, must hold a valid ticket for that performance, with the exception of those attending a specially designated 'Children's Performance'.

Designated Children's Performances
In accordance with the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act (1995) the Frankston Arts Centre has a policy outlining ticket guidelines for children and babies at designated 'Children's Performances'. At these specially designated 'Children's Performance' shows, patrons under a specific age will be admitted free of charge on the condition that they are seated on the lap of their accompanying parent/guardian and not occupying their own seat.

Smoking is NOT permitted within the Frankston Arts Centre.

Electronic Devices
To ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors and no distractions for our performers, we ask all patrons to ensure they turn off or mute all mobile phones, pagers, chiming watches, alarms and all other electronic devices before entering the Theatre.

Cameras / Recording Devices
The use of cameras, video cameras and other recording devices is NOT permitted during performances. Exceptions sometimes apply and will be announced before the commencement of the performance.

Patrons arriving late to any performance will NOT be admitted until a suitable break occurs in the performance. The Front of House Manager will determine the suitable time of entry for all latecomers.

Food and Beverage
Non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles and dry food are the only consumables permitted in the Theatre during performances.

Prams/Walkers etc
Prams/pushers/baby capsules/walkers/crutches/large bags/etc are NOT permitted in the Theatre, due to Emergency Evacuation policies.

All large items, prams/pushers/baby capsules/walkers/crutches/large bags etc, will happily be stored while you attend one of our performances. Papoose style baby carriers are permitted. Please remove all valuables before storing. Ushers will assist with the storing of walkers and crutches once you have been seated.  At any stage throughout the performance, please ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance.