Frankston Arts Centre

cropped external view of Frankston Arts Centre with red sky

Our Vision

Frankston is a vibrant community renowned for its arts and culture.

Our Mission

Through leadership, excellence and sustainable practices, we seek to provide opportunities and avenues for art and culture to flourish.

Inspiring creativity and enriching lives.....

One of the largest outer metropolitan arts venues in Australia, Frankston Arts Centre was designed by renowned Australian Architect, Daryl Jackson, and incorporates an 800 seat theatre, five exhibition gallery spaces, a function centre, a 200 seat black box theatre, and a creative arts hub.

Each year approximately 160,000 people visit Frankston Arts Centre, with over 50% of visitors from outside the Frankston municipality, most notably from the Mornington Peninsula and Western Port regions, as well as Melbourne's Bayside suburbs.

Its technical capabilities and 23m flytower literally place it above other venues in the area. It’s a preferred venue for many international touring companies and well-renowned artists, as well as iconic Australian arts organisations such as Sydney Dance Company, Opera Australia, Melbourne International Comedy Roadshow, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and Circus Oz.

Our artistic program is vibrant and enriching, providing a new perspective and deeper engagement for audiences. It is respectful to all community groups, seeks diversity, embraces First Nation’s peoples and their culture, and protects and promotes our environment. Through story-telling, entertainment and laughter, we take our role in the wellbeing of the community seriously.

Frankston Arts Centre is proud to be the performance home to many local theatre companies, dance schools, and local schools, providing a platform for young talent who aspire to a career in the arts.

With a variety of flexible spaces available for hire, it is also regularly used by recognised brands and local businesses for conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and offsite meetings.  

Our venue is inclusive and accessible, with opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Frankston Arts Centre, alongside a lively street art scene, dynamic sculpture trail, and a colourful festivals program, is integral in inspiring an entrepreneurial, creative, and imaginative community.


In consultation with Frankston City Council, Frankston Arts Advisory Board develops the strategic plan(PDF, 7MB) for performing, visual, and public arts in Frankston.