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Gift Cards

  • Gift an experience they will never forget.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased from the Box Office, online, by phone or in person, for any amount.
You can select to print your own voucher using the e-ticket despatch method or collect your voucher from the FAC Box Office.

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Vouchers may be redeemed for any event which is sold by FAC Box Office, and  can be redeemed over the phone, 9784 1060 or upon presentation at the FAC Box Office during the voucher validity period


Terms & Condtions
1. Gift vouchers are valid for redemption for 36 months from the date of purchase. The voucher may be used for events more than 12 months from date of purchase provided the booking is made within the 36 months validity period.

2. If the ticket price of the chosen performance exceeds the value of the voucher, the difference is required to be paid when redeeming the voucher.

3. Any remaining balance on your voucher may be used again, observing the original validity period.

4. No responsibility is assumed where:
(a) Vouchers are not used within the validity period (12 months from   the voucher purchase date)
(b) Tickets are not used for the specific performance requested or
(c) The voucher is lost or stolen