Poetic Portraits

Published on 06 May 2022

Poetic Portraits 800 x 500.png


On Saturday, April 30, thirteen women from totally different backgrounds got together to learn about and craft poetry of identity connecting to themselves and each other in a project called Poetic Portraits.

Led by three legends of Australian poetry, Jennifer Harrison, Jessica Wilkinson and Cassandra Atherton, this project seeks to give voice to women through poetry. On the day, the women wrote two poems - one based on an object meaningful to them, the other based on a diary entry.

While the women were working on their poems, local artist Caroline Graley, came in to sketch their portraits and look at the objects they had brought in. The artwork and poems will be published as a book later this year with a book launch to follow.

This workshop was impactful for all the participants who quickly bonded with each other. Once again Frankston Arts Centre has brought something meaningful to our local community.

As a poet I can attest in the power of poetry to move, heal, reveal, connect and transport us. I feel Its importance is underestimated in our society, but it is actually a critical reflection of our shared humanity. Please read it!





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