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Agata Mayes

Agata Mayes

The Essence


Cube 37 - Cube gallery
Thursday 21 January to Friday 12 February
Limited Opening Hours T-F 11-4

Opening Event Thursday 21 January 6-8pm

An immersive and alluring installation that offers a unique, sensorial experience by combining soundscape, sculpture, video and photography, exploring the subject of consciousness by challenging our views on reality  and the origin of the universe.



In this work Mayes explores the subject of consciousness and by examining the relationship between inner and outer worlds she seeks to understand how those two spaces coexist to form the reality we experience.

 Western Science states that we live in a material universe, where particles make up atoms, atoms make up molecules and as a result of their collision the world is created. What if the explanation of our universe comes from a deeper reality than a material one, which is consciousness? As our own consciousness is the essence of our mind, many great thinkers  debate that cosmic consciousness might be the essence of the universe.

 Agata Mayes works predominantly with lens based media including photography and video, printed and in the form of projection installations. In The Essence Mayes combines a timeless concept with a modern and high tech presentation where by mapping a video on the suspended sculpture the artist creates a space for intimate reflection about our place in the universe.

 Agata Mayes encourages the viewers to extend their consciousness and to become open to the idea of reality beyond scientific proof. The installation gives us sense of ambiguity when stepping into the projection room, allowing us to experience something larger than we can comprehend.

 “I am a micro particle of the greater cosmic power that is the origin of the universe continuously evolving and organising the world.” Agata Mayes



 Agata Mayes, Origins (Detail), The Essence Series, Video Installation, 2019

Sound design: Ania Massetti


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Enquiries 03 9768 1361

Cube Gallery Opening Hours
Limited Opening Hours T-F 11-4


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