Ross Noble - Jibber Jabbers

Published on 24 May 2023


Imagination is British comedian Ross Noble’s superpower. He’s an improvisational wizard. Unscripted, he deftly bounces from one topic to another with seemingly effortless ease. Though his delivery is stream of consciousness, he never loses the thread.  His shows evolve organically using the audience as muse and springboard. No two shows are ever alike, which keeps it fresh and interesting for Ross and his audiences.

Having free rein is one of the things Ross likes best about his craft. “I like the freedom of comedy. If I want to create a situation, I don’t have to ask permission. I just do it. I get to do what I want because I’m the writer, director and performer all rolled into one. With stand-up, the comedian is 100 per cent responsible for whether it goes well or badly. That feedback is instant. Comedy is the most in-the-moment artform.” It suits him perfectly.

Ross is unflustered by hecklers; in fact, he welcomes them. He expects his audiences to participate in his shows, not just passively observe. “Sometimes I think audiences don’t know just how important they are. My expectation is that the audience will bring it. The show is a fun time. I want to be there just as much as the audience does. If I bring the audience along with me, it’s all good; if not, it’s self-indulgent.” Mutuality is the name of the game.

Performing at the Frankston Arts Centre is always fun, Ross says. He really likes the mix of people in the audience – not just Frankston residents but people from farther up the Peninsula too. He never knows what is going to come up with such an eclectic crowd. Ross finds Frankston a very interesting suburb. The world-class waterfront juxtaposed with the unpredictable social landscape is a source of amusement and amazement, but he views Frankston as “on the up”.

Even if it’s in a broad Geordie accent, Ross can speak about the area with some authority because he lives in the region and loves it. “Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula have everything you could ever want in a place to live. It feels like the country, but it’s got all the facilities. It’s so diverse, with beaches, bushland, forests – and the arts, of course.”

Jibber Jabber Jamboree is Ross’s 21st solo stand-up show. He started stand-up at 15 and although he’s branched into television, radio, stage and film, he’s never lost his enthusiasm for being a one-man show. For an insight into what rolls around in Ross’s head, don't miss out on booking tickets with us for Saturday 22 July, 8pm. 


Ross Noble - Jibber Jabber Jamboree tours to Frankston on Saturday 22 July. Tickets are available online or by calling Box Office on 03 9784 1060.


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