Lead of Chocolate Starfish invites you to this hit show at the FAC!

Published on 19 January 2023

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Adam Thompson from Chocolate Starfish was recently interviewed by Jon Vertigan from Melbourne radio station 3MP.

Read the Transcript below or listen to the interview here


J] There’s always a great show coming up at Frankston Arts Centre, here’s one: Bat out of Hell on Saturday February 4 at the Frankston Arts Centre. Adam Thompson, the star of the show joins me to tell me a little bit more about it right now.

J] Bat out of Hell, centred around Meat Loaf?

A] 100% centred around Meat Loaf. The chocolate starfish boys and I decided with Meat Loaf & Jim Steinman & the writer passing away, we decided that we should honour this album and all of his great music by doing a national tour. So here we are in 23 rockin’ it.

J] Meat Loaf, you know that appearance he did at the AFL Grand Final that time, really didn’t do his brand any justice, cause as an artist in the 70’s and the early 80’s Meat Loaf just broke records for album sales, set the bar at heights which we hadn’t seen before. He was huge.

A] Absolutely, metaphorically and physically, he was. You know I think their songs were so memorable and, you know, each one stands alone and some of them are ten minutes long but they’re as dynamic in it that very few rock bands can get away with doing. So, um, you know I just really admire that album and I think it’s one of the biggest selling albums of all time. Bat Out of Hell 1, and even Bat Out of Hell 2 with Anything for Love.

J] And what are you most proud of with your show?

A] Uh, with all the classic albums that we approach, a little bit like when we did You’re So Vain, the Carly Simon song, we try and make it our own. We try and deliver the songs in a way that the artist would be proud to listen to. But also the audience know that it’s intrinsically Chocolate Starfish, but it’s songs that they love and I think if you can marry those two things together, hopefully you’ve got a winning formula.

J] It’s Bat Out of Hell, Saturday February 4th at the Frankston Arts Centre, tickets on sale now Adam?

A] They’re not just on sale, they’re 80% sold out so listeners, I wouldn’t wait much longer otherwise you’ll miss out on this show that everyone’s going to be raving about in Frankston.

J] It’s Bat Out of Hell, Adam Thompson, Frankston Arts Centre, Saturday February 4. Adam, thanks for talking about it to us this morning on 3MP.

A] Absolute pleasure, I’ll see you there guys

J] I’m in the mood for some Meat Loaf right now [music playing]


Chocolate Starfish: Bat Out of Hell 

Saturday 4 February, 7.30pm

Book here

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