Answer Your Phone delivers the shivers

Published on 20 September 2021

Answer Your Phone, 2021 - Short Film

Local filmmaker Benji Wragg’s short film Answer Your Phone is a ‘concise, measured, unnerving piece’ recently filmed in the Frankston Arts Centre car park.

The short films tells the story of a young man who realises he's being stalked by an obsessive presence as he walks home late at night. Whilst using the effects of an atmospheric thriller, Answer Your Phone explores the negative effects of having abusive relationships and the impact they can have on mental health.

The unnamed protagonist played by local actor Oliver Midson, is described by reviewer Jack Brindelli on Indy Film Library as having a ‘pale, drawn face (that) does most of the heavy-lifting in a wisely stripped-back script.’

The award-winning director and writer of the film, Benji Wragg, also co-runs Sneakyville Theatre Company. We had a quick chat with Benji to find out what he loves about the Frankston area.

How long have you lived in Frankston? What are your favourite places?

I've lived in Frankston for 6 years. Some of my favourite places are the shorefront near the pier, The Hop Shop and JDs. Actually I want to shoot a film in JDs. Oh and I have to mention Mama Lee's, they‘re my favourite food store.

How has Frankston changed for Creatives and Residents in the last few years?

Frankston has always welcomed creative types. I remember performing at the Frankston Arts Centre from a young age. Cube 37 art gallery also displays pieces from many local artists.

I have noticed more musicians playing in the streets, which encourages one's creative juices to flow. When I asked to film in Frankston, I found nothing but support. I think the events team employee, Lucy Cooke, would have moved heaven and earth to make the shoot happen.

During Lockdown, what has it been like being a creative and how has it affected your work?

The main difficulty during covid has been meeting up with other creatives. The shoot had to be moved continuously because of lockdown.

The theatre company I co-founded, Sneakyville, has had to resort to doing our rehearsals over Zoom, which can make things difficult. Furthermore, I think there are many creatives who long to discuss their ideas with others in person.

Watch Answer Your Phone on YouTube: