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Mornington Peninsula Language & Culture Studies


It's never too late!

Learn a new language for better health

Mornington Peninsula Language and Culture Studies (MPLCS) is an innovative learning centre created by Barbara Nardi in July 2011. The exciting program offers stimulating and fun language courses in Italian, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Dutch, Mandarin, Japanese and ESL taught by native speaking tutors who also give an insight of the wonderful cultural aspects of the different countries.

Barbara has 28 years of teaching experience and strongly believes in the importance of multilingualism for better health.

The benefits of an active mind and body have been well recognised as delaying the onset of dementia.  Research supports this and shows that learning a second language is a key tool for delaying dementia. Studies by Ellen Bialystok of York University in Toronto, Canada, shows that on average Alzeheimer’s patients who were bilingual had been diagnosed 4.3 years later, and their symptoms appeared 5.1 years later than patients who only spoke one language. Learning a second language contributes to what is called ‘cognitive reserve’, the overall ability to withstand the declines of ageing and disease.

The good news is that although maximum benefits are gained from learning a second language at an early age, even if you don’t start until your senior years, it can still help stave off dementia.

MPLCS is thrilled to arrange and host local cultural events and overseas language holidays for travelers who are passionate about the language and want to experience the ‘real’ life of the host country.

For more information visit mplcs