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Community Champ - $20 donation

We provide arts opportunities for all abilities. Your donation helps another community member participate in an arts program or attend a show at a subsidised rate. Arts Access plays a unique role to ensure that Frankston Arts scene is accessibility to all of our community. The arts are a valuable tool to connect community, to aid and foster positive health and well-being, to encourage, teach and contribute to a better society. Your support will help us fund Captioned / Auslan Interpreted performances, provide a disadvantaged couple with a night at the theatre, give a person with a disability an arts workshop placement or support a young person to join the circus program.

Imagination Igniter - $50 donation 

Our Education Program offers students and teachers access to professional artists, specialist workshops and resources. Your donation helps us to inspire a love of arts in the next generation of leaders.

Arts Advocate - $100 donation 

We want to provide Frankston with a program of events that cover a variety of genres. Your donation ensures that we can bring you Australia's best performers and shows. Philanthropic support will give us the ability to say “yes” to more unusual artworks and theatre pieces.

Future Funder- $1000 donation 

Your money is invested in a growing trust fund which is future-proofing our local arts. Interest from your contribution will be used on bold and exciting art projects. Let’s add to the collection with original arts pieces from today! Well-loved plays, classic musicals and popular ballets were once new and daring and challenged audiences to re-think their ideas and their identity. All art begins as an idea but without funds it stops there. Let’s be the place where bold ideas are turned into new creations.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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