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Moorooduc Primary School presents 'Chatterbox'

Plot: The year is 2092, Charli, a 90 year old lady who has come home sad after attending the funeral of Milly, her last remaining friend. Milly was special to Charli as she was the only person Charli had left in her life who was able to talk to her properly. In 2092 no one talks anymore.

Communication is achieved through robots, (known as Google-bots), who speak for individuals, or through 'Glyphing', which is using pictures sent via tabplants. 'Glyphing' come from texting, except there are no letters or numbers used, it's using a form of emojis, known as 'Glyphs'. 'Glyphs', comes from the ancient Egyptian form of communication called 'hieroglyphics'. The tabplant people use to communicate are medically inserted into a person's forearm by the age of one. These tab-plants are used to communicate, organise and track everything about a person.

Allan is a young boy, who is 'different'. Allan loves to talk. He's seen as different to his peers and they can't understand why he loves to talk. Talking is old school, not cool and a weird past-time. 'Nobody Talks Anymore'. Allan tries to talk to his peers at school, without success. Allan has a crush on Charli's granddaughter, Sissy. Allan thinks by teaching Sissy and his peers to talk he will win her heart.

Allan teaches Sissy and his peers to talk, which backfires on him as Jetboy, the gang leader, strikes up conversation and a friendship with Sissy. Allan has to reveal his thoughts to Sissy and hopefully win her back.

Presented by: Moorooduc Primary School


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