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About This Event

“With its wonderful balance of music, truth, and a message to share, Mental as Everything is simply necessary viewing.”

Tulpa Magazine

Mental as Everything is an original new stage concept by Melbourne based writer, musician and performer, Damon Smith. His personal, day to day experiences with a diagnosis of both OCD and Bipolar disorder have helped Damon develop a transparency regarding his dealings with these two, widely misguided disorders and as a writer/entertainer, creating a show that blends comedy and music alongside an honest and thought-provoking, researched narrative.

As a creator, Damon invites you to pull up a seat next to him at the bar. There’s a sense of intimacy, a hint of sass, and with Mental as Everything, there’s more than a hint of the real man behind his work. Damon’s performances are peppered with moments of improvisation and with a wry and thought-provoking stage manner, he can turn the tone to comedic absurdity in the blink of an eye. Just like the mania and depression that he experiences in his personal life with Bipolar Disorder, the mood of the show changes rapidly, which help to make Mental As Everything a truly unique experience, allowing it to work on many, audience engaging levels.

In this two-man show, Damon and his musical cohort, Adam Coad, will take the audience on a brilliantly unique and often awkward journey inside their own heads with hilarious onstage buffoonery and songs pertaining to mental illness. Mental as Everything, features both original music and a few existing songs, written by well-known artists that have experienced mental illness.


Presented by: Frankston Arts Centre and Under the Microscope

This show was originally handpicked to be in the FAC 2020 Season and has been rescheduled to 2021.


 Thanks to our 2021 partners




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Potentially triggering content or themes, including mental health. Recommended for ages 15+.

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