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About This Event

Matthew Evans - Food for Thought

Matthew Evans, presenter and popular Gourmet Farmer on SBS, will launch the inspiring Food For Thought Mini Fair.

He will share ways to reduce food waste, create great meals that are good for the environment and you, provide info on pickling and preserving, smart ways with leftovers and give a cooking demonstration.

Once a chef and food critic, Matthew is passionate about sustainable food and lives and works on Fat Pig Farm in Tasmania where he writes books on food and hosts ‘paddock to table’ restaurant meals - when not farming, pickling, preserving, weeding, filming or fishing!


 Presented by:  Frankston City Council

Venue:  Function Centre, Frankston Arts Centre


If you click through and the event is booked out, please ring the Box Office on 9784 1060 to register for the cancellation list.

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