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LockDown Short Film Competition | A Time Capsule in Film

Like all documented moments in history, the time we are living through today will leave its mark on us forever. LockDown Short Film Competition is calling for entries that capture the time our lives we entered or emerged from shutdown and social isolation through the medium of film.

The best short films resonate beyond their few short minutes and affect audiences the same way any great film does. The challenge, of course, is to do it all in 3 minutes.

It is open to any genre – be it fiction, documentary, animation and ‘mash-up’. And it’s not just for filmmakers. Anyone local aged over 16 years can submit a film, even if it’s your first and entirely created on your Smartphone.

Shortlisted films will be screened at Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre, permanently online and presented in the multi-disciplinary exhibition This Time, Last Year at the Frankston Arts Centre Thu 13 May to Sat 26 June, 2021. This Time, Last Year will be a community archive by Frankston creatives and will revisit stories and document an extraordinary time in our lives when we went inside, isolated and were asked to stay at home.

Entry is free and open to applicants aged 16+ that live, work, study in the Frankston municipality or demonstrate a strong affiliation with Frankston City.



Entries open: Monday 10 August

Entries close: Sunday 18 October

Shortlisted filmmakers will be notified by email prior to Friday 13 November.



There are a total of two prize categories:

First Prize $2,000

Highly Commended $1,000



Prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges, including Australian actor and director Scott Major, and announced at an official film screening at Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre in 2021.

Scott Major has worked extensively in television, theatre and film around the world for the last 30 years. He is a writer, actor, director and producer. He has directed over 150 episodes of Neighbours and won the Australian Directors Guild award for Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Drama Serial episode in 2019. He directed 2 eps of “Playing for Keeps” season 1 and was brought back as set up director for season 2. He has directed numerous short films, music videos and theatre productions. He was one of directors and founder of Poppy Seed Theatre Festival. As an actor some of his regular television roles include Heartbreak High, Neighbours (1195 episodes), Always Greener and Late for School. Film credits include: Long Night in Pexington, Trench, Envy, He died with a Falafel in his hand, Ned and The Heartbreak Kid. He founded Bathroom Floor Productions in 2004 and his recent theatre work includes All this Intimacy, Both Sides of the Bar, The Fellatio Monologues, Death in a box: one pussy’s tale, The Subtle Art of Flirting, Closer, Terminus and Salt.


Please refer to the Guidelines, Conditions of Entry & Entry Form below. If you have any questions, please contact Milla Dakovic on 03 9768 1361 or via email. 


Presented by

Frankston Arts Centre

Please refer to the guidelines below when planning and creating your short film.

- Upload your film to Dropbox or Vimeo and provide us with the download link when submitting the entry form.

- Aspect Ratio 16:9

16:9 aspect ratio

- Standard resolution of 1920 wide x 1080 high pixels

- Format .mov or MP4 files

- Maximum length is 3 minutes (including titles and credits)

- Content must appropriate for a General Audience and adhere to the Conditions of Entry

- Entry is open to applicants aged 16+ who live, work, study in the Frankston municipality or demonstrate a strong affiliation with Frankston City.

Conditions of Entry - LockDown Short Film Competition | A Time Capsule in Film

All Entrants must agree to these Conditions of Entry to enter the LockDown Short Film Competition.

The Entrant/s are individual/s over 16 years of age who have provided their full name/s in the Entrant/s field on the online entry form and will be the recipient of any prize money if awarded. There may be more than one Entrant/s. If there are multiple Entrant/s, prize money if awarded will be distributed evenly.

Entries are open to individuals and organisations that are ages 16+ and that live, work, study in the Frankston municipality or demonstrate a strong affiliation with the Frankston City municipality

Entrants who are aged 16+ and under the age of 18, or any children that appear in the film, must have full parent or guardian consent to their participation in the contest and it’s perpetual presentation and have read, understood and agreed to the Conditions of Entry.

The Frankston Arts Centre will inform Entrants by email if the film has been accepted or not accepted into LockDown Short Film Competition prior to Friday 13 November, 2020. The Frankston Arts Centre’s decision as to whether a film has met all acceptance criteria is final and not subject to any appeal for reconsideration.

The film must be no longer than 3 minutes (including titles and credits) in duration. If entries go over the time limit by more than 10 seconds this will deem the entry ineligible.

The film must be submitted in the following formats:
- Aspect Ratio 16:9
- Standard resolution of 1920 wide x 1080 high pixels
- Format .mov or MP4 files

Entries must be submitted via the Frankston Arts Centre website form and include a high quality, accessible link to your film on an appropriate video sharing platform like Dropbox or Vimeo. YouTube is not recommended.

Only one entry permitted. Multiple entries will not be considered.

The Frankston Arts Centre accepts no responsibility for any entry form or film that is submitted after the closing date, uploaded incorrectly or data impaired.

Entry is free and all costs associated with film production and competition entry is the responsibility of the applicant.

Content must be appropriate for street front presentation, online and public exhibition for a General Audience and must not include nudity, coarse language, and generally offensive themes.

Frankston Arts Centre reserves the right to deem ineligible films that include deliberate product placement and any commercial promotion including graphic logos in film, title or credits.

The Entrant/s warrants to the Frankston Arts Centre that they have obtained all the necessary permissions to enter this film including parent/guardian consent of Entrant/s and participants under 18 years of age, and that the film does not infringe the rights, including copyright, of any third party. This includes use of music and literary material. 

By entering this competition you are consenting to your short film being broadcast and/or being available via the Frankston Arts Centre website, Frankston Arts Centre and Galleries, YouTube and social media accounts in perpetuity.

Upon entering a submission, Frankston Arts Centre reserves the right to promote and display the film for public view in perpetuity. Copyright will remain with the filmmaker, however, Frankston Arts Centre has a right to edit and create derivative works such as clips from the film, and not limited to, publications, exhibitions, social media promotions and on the Frankston Arts Centre and Frankston City Council website. Due acknowledgement of the original filmmaker will be made in all instances.

Films cannot be commercial or exclusively connected to other festivals worldwide that restrict the Frankston Arts Centre’s use of the film in their YouTube channel, exhibition and for Frankston City Council’s archival purposes.

Films cannot be withdrawn from perpetual online exhibition once accepted and once entered and accepted into the Frankston Arts Centre’s collection of stories that become a final group exhibition.

The Frankston Arts Centre may, in its sole discretion, disqualify a film from the exhibition or competition without prior notice to the Entrant if the Frankston Arts Centre has reason to believe that a film does not, for any reason, comply with the acceptance criteria or otherwise with the Conditions of Entry.

The Entrant agrees to indemnify the Frankston Arts Centre and hold them harmless from any damages, liabilities, losses, costs, expenses, obligations or claims arising out of the breach of filmmaker's agreements, obligations, representations and warranties under this agreement.

Entries close midnight Sunday 18 October 2020.

Entry numbers in the final exhibition of films will be limited due to presentation restrictions and approval by the Frankston Arts Centre judging panel and Visual Arts Officer. Frankston Arts Centre reserves the right to close entries before the advertised closing date.

The prize is not transferable. If the winning Entrant/s is unable to accept the terms and conditions of the award, the Entrant/s will forfeit the award.

Immediate family of staff, and staff of Frankston City Council must disclose a conflict of interest and may enter a film for consideration and display but are ineligible for any awards or prizes.

Personal information requested on this form is being collected by Council for participation in exhibitions only. This information will be used solely by Frankston Arts Centre staff associated with this exhibition and competition for that primary purpose and will not otherwise be disclosed without your consent or as permitted by law. You may apply to Council for access and/or amendment of the information.

To submit your entry in the LockDown Short Film Competition, please click the button below and complete all required fields. Once your entry has been submitted, you will receive an automated email confirming your entry details.  Prior to submitting your short film, please refer to the Guidelines and Conditions of Entry.

Enter Now

If you have any questions, please contact Milla Dakovic on 03 9768 1361 or via email.

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