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Up close and personal with Silvie Paladino

Monday 1 October 2018


Australia’s favourite daughter of music talks showbiz, David Hobson and the joys of performing at the Frankston Arts Centre

Silvie Paladino and David Hobson – they’re two of the most recognised and respected names in the Australian music industry, who come together each year to delight generations of fans at the long-standing Christmas Eve spectacular, Carols by Candlelight.  But rarely does this dynamic duo have the opportunity to perform together outside of this event, so naturally we jumped at the chance to be the host venue for Silvie and David’s first shared performance in over a year, ‘Together At Last’, next Saturday 13th October!

 In the lead-up to the much-anticipated show, we had the pleasure of chatting to Silvie about her friendship with David, her love of performing and her excitement at returning to the Frankston Arts Centre for this very special event.  “David and I go back a long way, maybe 15 or 20 years.  We do the Carols together every year, but it’s definitely been a while since we did anything else” says Silvie, who recalls that her last performance with David was on a cruise ship of all places.  “It was a week-long cruise from Sydney to Noumea, and I was terrified that I would be struck down with seasickness – that I would be singing and vomiting at the same time!” Silvie jokes.  Fortunately both she and David survived the cruise without getting green around the gills, but nevertheless we are relieved that their upcoming performance will be on dry land!

 A Frankston Arts Centre veteran, Silvie is quick to sing the praises (pardon the pun!) of our venue.  “I love coming to the Frankston Arts Centre!” enthuses Silvie, who further notes that “It’s always such a great experience – the audience is so warm & welcoming, and the venue itself is fantastic.  The staff are so professional, from the Front of House right through to the stage crew - they just make everything so easy for me.  And I’m always fed really well!”

 Reflecting on some her favourite memories of performing at the Frankston Arts Centre, Silvie recalls with particular fondness her semi-regular appearances across the Morning Melodies program over the years.  “It feels like I’ve finally arrived when I come to Frankston, as the shows are always sold out!” she gleefully reports, before sharing with us her excitement at being reunited onstage with her good friend (and fellow Frankston Arts Centre favourite) David Hobson. 

 So what can the audience expect from next Saturday’s shared performance from the dynamic duo? “It will be a night of entertainment and fun, with a great selection and variety of music – from the shows we’re each known for, to classical favourites and more.  Between the two of us, we’re bound to touch on every style of music, so there’s definitely something for everyone” reveals Silvie, who is particularly looking forward to the duets she will be doing with David, and the opportunity this will give them to connect with their audience.  “They [the audience] get to feel your character and really get a sense of who you are when you speak to them – and likewise, they know that they’re a part of something special” muses Silvie.  And we couldn’t agree more.

 Don’t miss the chance to see Silvie Paladino and David Hobson in their exclusive shared performance, ‘Together At Last’, on Saturday 13th October at the Frankston Arts Centre.  Silvie and David look forward to meeting you after the show for signings and photos!

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