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Meet the Team: Holly

Tuesday 9 April 2019

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We interviewed Technician and Ticketing Officer, Holly Crawford, to find out what more about her experiences behind the scenes.

Holly Crawford
Technician and Ticketing Services Officer

When did you start working at the FAC and why?

 I started working here mid 2011 because I’ve always loved theatre and FAC is conveniently close to home

Your favourite show that you have worked on or seen here?

I tend to enjoy most of the shows I get to work on here but I think my favourite would be my first Circus Oz because it’s a fun show, it’s interesting to work on and the crew are great 

Best memory?

I don’t have a specific best memory but I think my favourite times are when we’ve done a long shift on a great show and have loaded the company out and all of us are standing around bantering (knowing we’ll all be back in 10 hours to do the whole thing again) it just makes us feel like a family

Which shows this season are you looking forward to?

Circus Oz for sure and I think the Sapphires will be a great show too!

Tall Tales but True?

Last year we had an Elvis show and during the first act someone from the audience handed the performer their service dog while he was singing. He took it as he thought it was a stuffed toy she was giving him but nope; real dog. That was an interesting show report. 

Best thing about Frankston 

The Arts Centre of course!

Favourite Food & Drink

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good burger and I also am pretty into Ramen and dumplings.

Funniest question you have been asked?

If it was the real Elvis performing in one of our tribute shows. Sorry guys, it’s not. 

Funniest thing an audience member has done?

Given a performer a dog on stage!

Who are the friendliest/funniest celebrities you have worked with?

All of the comedians we have through are usually fantastic to work with, Ross Noble stands out as one recently, and he was lovely!

Most bizarre rider you have received?

We don’t really deal with those but I found it to be an odd request when one performer asked for 9 towels for himself.

Do you have any superstitions?

Just the usual, No whistling I think is the main one.

Best solution you worked out for a problem?

We work out solutions every day! The main thing I’ve learnt is that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with Gaffer!

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