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Meet the Team: Glenn lights the way

Wednesday 13 March 2019


We interviewed Supervising Technician, Glenn Parry, to find out what more about his memorable moments behind the scenes.

Glenn Parry
Supervising Technician

When did you start working at the FAC and why?
I started working for the FAC in 2015 after working with a Lighting hire company.  I had always wanted to work in a venue which is busy and where the techs are multi-skilled.

Your favourite show that you have worked on or seen here?
I have enjoyed many shows at FAC, but my favourite would probably be the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards followed by Shadowlands.  They were both part of the FAC Season.

Best memory?

My best memory is the comradery and friendship between the FAC Crew and the Wakakirri crew.  It’s a busy couple of weeks but everyone works hard and the kids have a great time as a result.

Which shows this season are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward “The Gospel According to Paul”, “The Sapphires”, Glenn Miller, MSO and Opera Australia.  Not a massive fan of Opera but Madam Butterfly has an amazing aria in it and it will also be good to catch up with the crew as I haven’t seen many of them for a long time.

Tall Tales but True?

I think the best tall tale that I can think of was that we had a band here to play for Ventana one year and one of their musicians was running late.  The whole band went to the airport to collect him putting the entire show at risk and none of them thought anything of it.

The best thing about Frankston?

The absolute best thing about Frankston is of course the Frankston Arts Centre.  I will say though that walking outside at night after a long day and smelling the sea air is fantastic.  It really is a bit of a “best kept secret”.

Favourite Food & Drink?
My favourite food is a good Chicken Thai Green Curry with plenty of chilli.  I don’t mind washing it down with a good whiskey whether that be Scotch or Bourbon.

Funniest question you have been asked?

The funniest question that I have been asked is for a brown wash on stage.  You cannot produce brown light as it is not part of the light spectrum.

Funniest thing an audience member has done?
I don’t pay that much attention to the audience as a rule as we can’t see them that well from the Control Room but some of the interactions when they are called up on stage are funny.  Particularly men trying to be cool when dancing or role playing.

Who are the friendliest/funniest celebrities you have worked with?
I would have to say that James Morrison is the friendliest celebrity that I have worked with although that was at Hamer Hall and not FAC.  Julia Zemiro and Ross Noble have both been great to work with and chat to at FAC

Most bizarre rider you have received?
We don’t tend to receive the riders.  That’s a catering thing.  I do know of one performer asking for coconut water which to me is a bit bizarre.

Do you have any superstitions?
There are many superstitions in theatre.  I don’t tend to believe them that much but who’s going to risk it.  No whistling, never mention the name of the Scottish Play, always leave a light on etc.

Best solution you worked out for a problem?
I can’t specifically remember any solutions at the moment.  A lot of what we do is fixing client’s issues so they all blend in together and we move on to the next show so quickly that we don’t tend to dwell on anything.

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