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FAC Citizens launches in 2021

Tuesday 22 September 2020

FAC Citizens

The FAC is excited to announce a new opportunity for young people aged 16 to 21 to offer our local young creatives an opportunity to see inside and behind the scenes of the Arts Centre.

As an artistic organisation, the FAC is committed to working with young artists, arts makers and theatre lovers. We are thrilled to be launching FAC Citizens in 2021 as an opportunity for ten local, creative young people to come together and engage, learn and contribute to the FAC in 2021. Being an FAC Citizen is an opportunity to gain learning and insight into the various roles and departments that are involved in an artistic venue like the FAC – including technical operations, marketing, box office, gallery curation, and programming.

The program was inspired by the desire to pass on knowledge and offer our local young creatives an opportunity to see inside and behind the scenes of the Arts Centre. Our hope is that the experiences provided will provoke engagement with the arts and inspire future career paths.

We recently had a chat with Heidi Irvine - the FAC’s Team Leader Programming & Engagement - to find out more about the program.

Tell us about your inspiration for the FAC Citizens program?

When we are “business as usual”, we have a very active Work Experience program and we have many young people who come through the program and mention that they wish they had more time. FAC Citizens allows for a deeper and richer engagement with the FAC and for young people to connect with the staff and really explore their passion or field of interest. We have such an active creative community on the Peninsula and we love the idea that this is something we can offer here in Frankston.

Who would be best to apply to be an FAC Citizen? Does it matter if you have little or no experience in the theatre?

I think the most important attribute is passion. Now, that can sound kind of cheesy, but it’s true! We want young people in this program who are keen to pursue a career in the creative industries – or know more about it. We have so many excellent schools and organisations around us, so we know that there are already a whole heap of young people who are passionate and spending their holidays making or presenting work. But we also recognise that this program might be for those young people whose interest falls outside of being onstage performing. This program is really about exploring the roles behind the scenes in operations and arts management.

What is the best thing the FAC Citizens program will offer participants?

We hope that their network grows and that they will be able to connect with people and mentors who will inspire them. We hope that this program gives them a sense of confidence and direction into knowing what their next step is, as well as a greater understanding of what it takes to be working in the industry. It is our hope that FAC Citizens will find their tribe – a group of equally engaged young people who will not only gain a network with the FAC, but within their own group, as well.

Will participants have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and suggestions to the FAC?

The benefit of the Citizens program for the FAC is great in so many ways… we get to engage with young people and their enthusiasm and excitement for learning – it’s kind of like being a reverse vampire! We get so much out of the energy that students bring to our organisation. This group will act as a sounding board for us – which means we can build upon our programming and all of the programs we already run – and deepen our understanding of what’s important to young people. We believe that diversity and representation is incredibly important – not only about the shows we put on, but behind decisions that are made and who is working within our four walls. Citizens is just one of the ways we want to empower that voice.

If you know someone aged 16 to 21 who lives or studies in Frankston City and is thinking of a career in the creative industries, tell them to check out the details here to find out more about eligibility and how to apply. Applications close Monday 12 October 2020.


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