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Audience Review for Guru of Chai

Tuesday 30 July 2019


Gordon Dunlop reviews No. 33 and in rhyme! You'll be sorry you missed this show!






Here’s what a pleased spectator thinks :
That Guru of Chai (by Indian Ink)’s
A tale told well - no, acted out
(By Kutisar, whose teeth stick out,
Chai Wallah at the railway station
In Bangalore) with animation,
Verve and warmth and playful art,
And humour, not forgetting heart,
An old folktale brought up to date
Of Punchkin, Balna and her mate,
The poet Imran and their fate.
It’s funny, clever, dark and light,
Has pathos, laughter and delight,
Adventures, dentures, chai tea maker,
Lost thumbs, cockfights, parrot, fakir,
Good and evil, love and loss,
Double - even triple - cross,
Birth and death, desirability,
Bureaucracy, corruptibility.
Attachment and possession too,
As classic narratives often do.
It’s not for me, though, to narrate
The plot or themes - just say it’s great
And hope my modest little verse’ll
Indicate it’s universal
And touches on eternal themes
With just a minimum of means -
The actor’s body and his voice,
His skilfulness cause to rejoice,
For he creates a cast of characters
Without resort to other actors.
Supported by a fine musician,
This guru is a stage magician.
We drink too much? We’ve dead end jobs?
Are we too fat (if not quite slobs)?
Came to the theatre for happiness?
Is that what Guru will address
Or is this just another mirage,
A mirror, or a battery charge?
Will this Chai be our cup of tea?
It may not cure our ills but be
A brief distraction from those ills,
Providing us with theatre thrills.
It’s theatre in its purest form
Which leaves you feeling charmed and warmed,
And maybe even a bit enlightened,
Your burdens lightened, senses heightened.
It gave me an aesthetic high.
Review? - Revere! - Guru of Chai.

                                                                            Gordon Dunlop, July 26, 2019



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