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About This Event

“…nothing is more satisfying than stories about people who defied cultural and social conventions to follow their hearts.” 4 STARS

Time Out

Two trailblazing stars of the Australian music scene survey the forces that have shaped their way.

TZU’s Joelistics and ARIA-nominated producer James Mangohig are icons of Australian hip-hop, but their family histories are as complex and layered as their lyrics. Both half-Asian, their respective heritages are woven through their experiences growing up in Australia.

From a nightclub-owning grandma in an open marriage to globetrotting parents with a political streak, the pair lovingly paint a canvas filled with failed proposals and religious strictures, casual racism and empowerment through music.

Written, composed and performed by Joelistics and James Mangohig

Presented by: Frankston Arts Centre and Contemporary Asian Australian Performance

This show is handpicked to be in the FAC 2019 Season.

 Thanks to our 2019 partners



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“This is a hip hop show unlike any other. An Australian narrative challenging how you think, how you feel about society and its moral fibre.” 4.5 STARS

The Music

“It is the generosity of spirit this work is imbued with that reaches out to us all. “

Stage Whispers

“The end result, which finds a beautiful balance between the personal and the political, the musical and the theatrical, is skilfully crafted and highly engaging.” 4 STARS


“This is a thrilling hour of theatre and the best kind of example why a diverse cultural landscape should not only be encouraged in Australia but is essential.” 4.5 STARS

The Music


About the Show

Like an hour with good friends—who just happen to have impeccable taste in tunes— this is a show that keeps to the beat of the human heart. TZU’s Joelistics and ARIA-nominated producerJames Mangohig are icons of Australian hip-hop, but their family histories are as complex and layered as their lyrics.

Information for Educators

Bursting with the street flavour of hip hop and asking us to think about culture, In Between Two is a fresh and vibrant form of docu-drama, weaving lyrics with text, video and song. Students will enjoy the unique storytelling style.

Age Suitability

Ages 15+

Extension Opportunities

• Saturday 16 March, 3pm. Beatboxing Workshop with the cast of In Between Two. $12 per person, extremely limited spaces, bookings essential.

• An Education Resource Kit is available for this performance.

Mild coarse language. Recommended for ages 15+.

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