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Join our new FAC CREATIVE KIDS online art challenge! We’ll provide a new art challenge idea each week to help kids to get creative at home. Take a photo of the finished art piece - or have a grown up do this for you - and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag - #FACCREATIVEKIDS


Week 4: The Monster Challenge

This week we’re taking our CREATIVE KIDS art challenge inspiration from the story The Gruffalo. Have you read the book or seen the stage play? This week’s creative art challenge is to create a monster who is completely out of your own imagination. Think of words like MAGICAL, SCARY, BIG, HAIRY and MYSTERIOUS to get you started. You can create a drawing or painting, make a Lego, clay or even a cardboard monster that you build and decorate – the choice is yours! Just make sure your monster is all your own, you can even give them a name!


Week 3: Pet's Day Out Challenge

WE LOVE PETS! And if you do too, then this challenge is for you! This week’s art challenge is all about your furry, scaly, feathery friends. Do you have a pet or do you know someone that does? We want you to draw, collage, create, or craft your favourite pet into existence for our creative art challenge this week.

Get your creative caps on and dream up the best pet portrait, doggy drawing, cat creation you can think of! (you get the idea...)


Week 2: Magic Beach Challenge

Have you read the book Magic Beach by Alison Lester? In Frankston City, we are so lucky to have our very own Magic Beach! This week’s FAC CREATIVE KIDS art challenge is all about your Magic Beach. Can you draw your favourite thing about the beach? It could be a beautiful shell or feather you found; it could be a fish that you caught at the pier. It might be something you want to see at the beach but haven’t seen yet, like a narwhal or a washed-up treasure chest – be as creative as you like!

Week 1: Chrome Gnome Challenge

Have you seen the GIANT 9-metre-tall Chrome Gnome that lives in Frankston? You might have driven or walked past him. The Gnome’s real name is Reflective Lullaby and he was made by artist Gregor Kregar but he’s sometimes called “Frankie” – have you seen him too?

This week, we want you to draw how the gnome might look if YOU were the artist that made him. You could create Frankie yourself, or use the free template we’ve provided - you can download it below.

Be creative! He can be anything you want him to be; you can draw or collage him and use any colours or art materials you like.


Don’t be afraid to experiment and when you’re done, take a photo (or have a grown up do this for you) and share your masterpiece on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag - #FACCREATIVEKIDS


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Frankston Arts Centre



Download and print your free template of Frankie the gnome: FAC_Creative_Kids_Frankie_The_Gnome.pdf

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