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About This Event

 This fundraiser for Frankston Hospital, Dead Men Talking brings to life Australia’s legendary literary figures Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson; their friendship, poetry and lives as they share a drink at Leviticus Bar & Grill, Heaven’s Gate.

Slightly cantankerous, brittle, yet endearing, Henry Lawson (Max Cullen) and A. B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson (Warren Fahey) emerge as the towers of Australian cultural life that they were having captured the feistiness and determination of the pioneers of Australia, who battled bushfires, floods, droughts, insect plagues, authority and the banks.

Devised by Max Cullen and scripted by Cullen and Fahey this musical one-act show brings to life their lives, friendship and poetry their battles with loneliness and despair including their famous ‘War of Words’ in The Bulletin.

They recite poems, sing songs and generally banter – and have a laugh about life’s changing circumstance and bring to life their unique colloquial literary catalogue that bridged the gap between bush and city and still rings true blue today.

Presented by: Bird Body Essentials and Kanturk Country Retreat


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