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“A Room of One’s Own is a must for literary lovers, feminists or those wishing a theatre experience presented with elegant finesse”

Cheryl Threadgold, Melbourne Observer

“If I could not grasp the truth about women in the past, why bother about women in the future?” Virginia Woolf

In Sentient Theatre’s inaugural piece, we celebrate the beautiful literacy and conceptual genius of Virginia Woolf, one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, and her classic work, ‘A Room of One’s Own’. Based on a series of lectures by Woolf in 1928 on the subject of women and fiction, this adaptation restructures the narrative to feature four performers who represent various aspects of Woolf’s mind in conversation with herself and the audience. The piece both energetically debates and gently reflects on the history of gender disparity, while keeping Woolf’s striking use of metaphor and charming humour alive.

Adapted and directed by Peta Hanrahan, it features performances by Carolyn Bock, Marissa O’Reilly, Jackson Trickett and Anna Kennedy. Today, with gender equality campaigns such as Me Too, Time’s Up and NOW Australia, this accessible production shines a light on our history with astounding relevance to contemporary society.

If you want to understand what is happening in the world today, this is the perfect place to start.

Written by Virginia Woolf. Adapted by Peta Hanrahan.

Presented by: Frankston Arts Centre and Sentient Theatre

This show is handpicked to be in the FAC 2019 Season.

 Thanks to our 2019 partners



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“A Room of One’s Own [is] witty, supple, and conducted in a spirit of restless inquiry, anchoring emotion with intellect, infusing argument with narrative technique. This luminous, accessible production captures the beauty of Woolf’s prose and the complexity of her ideas [and] gives her potent words vivid voice.”

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

“A Room of One’s Own is a mix of the artistry of our new generation of theatre makers combined with the wise and timeless work of a past genius... I was immersed by this play; every aspect was of the highest quality.”

Lisa Romeo, TAGG 

“There is little not covered in this masterful production, which both engages, challenges, and delights.”

Sarah W., The Pus One’s

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