Top 5 Networking Tips for Creatives

Published on 30 August 2021

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Hands up if you love networking… Anyone? 

It might be no surprise that most creatives hate networking – and most do not know how to make the most of this marketing opportunity. 

Networking is an extremely valuable marketing tool, involving building long-term relationships. It might include getting to know others who you might be able to help, and who could potentially help you in return. Whilst networking is not an essential skill to have in your marketing toolkit, it can make the difference between a mediocre and a successful project or career. 

If the idea of ‘networking’ makes you cringe, imagining cheesy events and the idea of ‘selling yourself’ read on for some top tips from Monica Davidson from Creative Plus Business.

As a business advisor and award-winning creative industries expert, Monica began her career as a writer and filmmaker who learned how to run a successful creative business on the fly and now shares that knowledge with others.

1.  Prepare! Walking into a networking opportunity without being properly prepared can be terrifying even for the most natural extrovert. 

2.  Think of how to introduce yourself in advance. "What do you do?" can be a stumper, so write a short script before you attend to give you back your confidence. 

3.  Arrive early. It might seem counter-intuitive, but by being early you'll get to meet the most important people at the event - the organisers. 

4.  Prepare your follow-up. Think about how you will engage with the people you meet, with an interesting email or a LinkedIn connection. 

5.  The Golden Rule? Be interested - not interesting. 

The FAC team are thrilled to have Monica Davidson from Creative Plus Business as one of the key facilitators in the HATCH Workshops for Artists and Creatives in 2021. HATCH is an arts incubator program that offers opportunities for artists to learn and engage. 

Local artists in particular are encouraged to attend a series of high quality, low cost workshops and speaking events to level-up their arts business knowledge and improve their professional arts skills. Learn more

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