Kate Rohde's collection on display 24/7 in Glass Cube

Published on 08 June 2022

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Bright and intense colours are a hallmark of the pieces on display for artist Kate Rohde’s Creature Comforts exhibition.

Kate is drawn to fluorescent pinks and aqua, adding: “Fluoro colours usually form the basis of my working palette. I guess they are ultimately the most unnatural colours too, so it suits the fantastical, unreal worlds I’m trying to create.”

For Creature Comforts, Kate used a range of materials: “The sculptural vases on the tables are resin casts and the tables and flooring are painted Perspex and glitter. The hanging mural designs have been shown as wallpaper murals previously, but for this showing since the Cube space has the ceiling rigging I've made them as vinyl banners instead.

“I’m really inspired by historical decorative arts and make contemporary decorative arts, furniture and prints which draw on my love of Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau. I like how both of these movements use flowing, organic line and form, as well as motifs inspired by nature.

“Much of my work incorporates animal elements like hooves, antlers and graphic stripes and spots. The idea behind Creature Comforts is how we like to surround ourselves with nature in our homes to bring a sense of peace and relaxation.”

Kate adds: “I hope the audience will enjoy the intensity of the colour. The colours I use have a sort of happy, upbeat feeling so I hope people come away from seeing the show feeling a sense of positivity.”

Creature Comforts can be viewed from the street front 24/7 at the Glass Cube, 37 Davey St, Frankston, until 2 July.

Kate’s resin jewellery and vessels are also on sale in the Frankston Arts Centre foyer. Visit the foyer during open hours on Tuesday to Friday, 10am - 5pm and on Saturday 9am-2pm.

For more information about Kate, please click here.


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