Vibrant Threads - Ventana Arte Exhibition


Contemporary Works by the Karen Tapestry Weavers
Mu Naw Poe, Paw Gay Poe, Shuklay Tahpo & Cha Mai Oo


The Karen Tapestry Weavers project commenced in 2013 under the mentorship of master weaver Sara Lindsay at the Australian Tapestry Workshop. Firstly, Mu Naw Poe and Shuklay Tahpo became accomplished weavers who then shared their expertise and knowledge across generations to include Poe’s mother, Cha Mai Oo and daughter Paw Gay Poe. The ongoing project gives these women agency and empowerment, not only to communicate their cultural heritage through the shared language of weaving, but also to create a sense of belonging in a new place after lost lives and homelands.


Image: Mu Naw Poe Village Life 2021, photo by Marie-Luise Skibbe (detail)


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