Skunk Control: South Side Festival

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A Persistent Presumption

Skunk Control are a creative studio that create engaging and immersive experiences that provide the public with a sense of wonderment and opportunities to make delightful discoveries. Drawing on technology, art, their fondness for all things left of field, and a mantra to create works that encourage a belief in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast, their creations are informed by large dollops of colour, light and a splash of whimsy that harkens back to their formative years of learning.

There is a dark corner found within light that leads one to a world that is at once blissfully unaware of darkness yet shares its existence and its carriage into this world. A world that exists between thoughts and within cracks of walls that had once been so diligently repaired and filled. Something has hesitated for far too long and light has dimmed and can no longer cast shadows that dream of fighting off the darkness. Now a new evolution is readying for a revelation. What will prevail and what will be revealed.

Three linked works by Skunk Control explore light and darkness, the interface between them both and a possible deviation from their dynamic equilibrium.   

Free entry. Visit during Cube 37 open hours.


Image: Skunk Control