Nina Bové


Musical Marks: The Stringed Series of Painting to West African classical music

Melbourne artist Nina Bové paints in response to music as a mindful practice of being in the moment. Her art is based on immersion in West African rhythms, with instinctive brushwork marking her responses in abstracted notational form.

 “I let my brush dance across the canvas. As the layers are applied the moment then comes when the painting is complete. The rhythms move throughout the picture planes and the painting sings.”

Presented in suites, her “Stringed Series” are visual celebrations of the beautiful rhythms of the Kora (African harp), some songs in combination with other stringed instruments such as the guitar, cello, piano and Celtic harp.

In gentle hues of pink, purple, green, yellow, cream and white, these paintings are exquisite in their detail and enticing to explore. Subtle and soothing, these intricate paintings are all about emanating peaceful vibrations, hoping to encourage people to listen to kora music and paint to it as a means of mindful meditation, relaxation and creative inspiration.



Artist: Nina Bové, In The Garden of Musical Delight (detail), 2018-19 31x41cm acrylic on cotton canvas $500

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