Maria Peña - Ventana Arte Exhibition


Landscape Under the Skin


The most recent work by Colombian-Australian artist Maria Peña invites us to make a human - nature gaze, to think and to see ourselves as a leaf, as an infinite texture, as a single form with the earth. Peña believes that if we awakened our ancestral memory, we would know that we carry the sun in us, part of the ocean within us, that we carry rivers and mountains, because we are a living cell of this earth, of this universe, we are like the wood, we are also earth. In this series of oil paintings on canvas, the formal elements of the work are the human figure and parts of nature: hands, feet, surrealistic faces, leaves, flowers and trunks are shown as a single form in metamorphosis.



Image: Maria Peña, Sighing of the Earth 2021, oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm (detail). Courtesy of the Artist.



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