Covid Safety

Let's enjoy arts, entertainment and events together, and stay Covid-Safe!

We have implemented a Covid-Safe plan that we ask you to comply with when visiting Frankston Arts Centre.

Please take the time to read our updated Ticketing Terms and Conditions before purchasing your tickets.  

Face masks: It is currently a Government directive that all patrons aged 8+ years must wear a face mask whilst inside our venue.

Frankston Arts Centre and Cube 37 are fully vaccinated venues.

Please note it is a Government directive that all patrons aged 18 years and over must show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status as a condition of entry to our venue. There are five types of evidence that will be accepted:

1. COVID-19 Digital Certificate via the Service Victoria app

2. COVID-19 Digital Certificate saved to your smart phone

3. Printed copy of COVID-19 Digital Certificate

4. Printed copy of Immunisation History Statement

5. Medical Exemption

Venues have the right to ask for additional identification alongside a COVID-19 Digital Certificate if it is provided as a hard copy.

We ask that you are kind and patient with our staff and each other as we work together to keep our community safe. Thank you for your continued support of Frankston Arts Centre – we're so happy to welcome you back.



Proof of Covid vaccination status


Please note it is a Government directive that all patrons aged 18 years and over must show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status as a condition of entry to our venue. Refer above for the types of evidence that we can accept.





To get in, you must sign in! All visitors must register using our QR codes provided upon entry and show the theatre staff on their phones that they have signed in. Our friendly staff will be available to help those who need assistance to check in.



Airflow for Covid Safety


We have adjusted our air conditioning (HVAC) for ventilation purposes to ensure we are bringing in fresh airflow. We are not recirculating our air. Where we can, we open doors and windows to allow as much fresh air into our venues as possible.





All patrons aged 8 years and over must wear a fitted mask that covers the mouth and nose. As seating capacity allowances increase, 1.5m distancing measures inside the theatre are unable to be maintained. It is current a current Government directive that face masks must be worn indoors at entertainment venues.





Please do not attend the venue if you have a fever or any cold or flu-like symptoms. If you have even mild symptoms, please get tested then stay in isolation at home until you receive your result.





Help us practice physical distancing. Please maintain a 1.5m distance from others. Each area is restricted to a limited number of people, which will be monitored.





Hand sanitation stations are available at entrances and other locations around the centre. Please use them on entry and throughout your visit as required.




Signage will be displayed to let you know the best way to enter and leave our venue. Please observe all instructions to ensure physical distancing. Please note it is a Government directive that all patrons over the age of 16 must show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status as a condition of entry to our venue.




In line with DHHS recommendations, contactless payment is preferred when making any purchases or payments within Frankston Arts Centre.





Our staff and professional cleaners will be working around the clock to keep the facility clean for all our visitors.




For some events, you may be advised of an entry time for the event beforehand to ensure that congestion is reduced in the foyers and queues are manageable and safe.




A trained Covid-Marshal will be monitoring compliance and instructing patrons on safety practices. Please approach them at any time if you have queries – they can be easily identified in a high-vis safety vest.




Our staff have been instructed in correct procedures to ensure both the safety of our guests and of our staff. Please respectfully follow all their instructions.





Some changes have been made to food and drinks on offer to comply with recommendations to avoid shareable items and 'serve yourself' facilities. No food and drink except bottled water will be allowed inside the auditorium





Please sit only in designated areas. Our theatre and event spaces have been measured and alternative seating plans devised for different events to ensure physical distancing. 





There will be less seating available in the foyer to minimise congestion and help us stay 1.5 metres apart, please leave this seating free for those who need it.




Our opening hours have changed and can be viewed here.






The DHHS will make contact with us if a confirmed case has visited our venue whilst contagious. We will then provide DHHS with contact details (name and phone number) of staff, visitors, and customers that engaged with the facility for more than 15 minutes at the given date and time.





Our staff are happy to help with any queries you may have during your visit. You can also find important information on printed and digital signage around the facility, as well as floor stickers to assist when forming queues.