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Frankston Arts Centre - Protecting Your Privacy

The Frankston Arts Centre is committed to provide the highest levels of customer service, including the protection of your privacy.


This statement has been prepared in accordance with the Victorian Government's Privacy Principles. In this statement the expressions 'we', 'us', 'our' and 'Centre' are a reference to the Frankston Arts Centre ABN 49 454 786 065.

1.      Collection

We collect only that personal information necessary to carry out required functions and to offer best value and service to our customers.

2.      Use and Disclosure

We do not sell or distribute lists of our patrons, or their contact details, to any other organisation or person, unless prior consent has been obtained from that patron. Any disclosure would be for the purpose of direct marketing of events of a similar nature to those previously attended at our Centre. Such disclosure would only occur when we are satisfied that the organisation receiving information has a Privacy Policy to the same standard at that of the Centre and Frankston City Council.

3.      Data Quality

We endeavour to ensure that all personal information held is accurate, complete and current.

4.      Data Security

We take all reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

5.      Openness

Our Policy Documents relating to management of personal information are available on request.

6.      Access and Correctness

Upon request you may seek access to the personal information we hold about you. This information will be amended upon request.

7.      Unique Identifiers

When collected, your personal information is assigned a number that is unique to our business only. It is not shared with any other organisation.

8.      Anonymity

Where it is lawful and feasible to do so, a patron can transact with us without identifying themselves.

9.      Transborder Data Flow

Any transference of information outside Victoria will only occur when we are satisfied that the recipient protects your privacy to standards that match those of Victoria's Information Privacy Protection Act.   Any such transference will be in accordance with paragraph 2 of this statement.

10.     Sensitive Information

We do not collect information that could be reasonably classed as 'sensitive information'.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Privacy of you information please contact the Frankston City Council's Privacy Officer on 1300 322 322.