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  • Pan-American Highway

  • Afro-Latin American Jazz Concert

  • Rhythms and melodies from Afro-Andean Latin America


by Danilo Rojas & the Afro Andean Latin American Jazz Ensemble

Afro-Latin American Jazz Concert

Wednesday 24 March, 7.30pm
FAC Theatre
Tickets: $27 - $45
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Danilo Rojas is a unique international Bolivian blend pianist and composer. With the finest Melbourne-based jazz performers specialising in music tradition, he presents a contemporary journey through the most significant traditional rhythms and melodies from the Afro-Andean Latin American music in union of jazz and improvisation.    

The arrangements are originals from acclaimed composers that influenced Danilo’s musical upbringing. Starting with a composition by his father, Bolivian composer Gilberto Rojas (1916-1983), the audience will travel from the mixture and texture of the South American Milonga, Candombe, Taquirari, Huayño, Festejo, Lando, Vals Criollo, Bolero, Samba, Bossa Nova and more.

Similar to the USA, when through the musical form from George Gershwin titled ‘I got the Rhythm’ and precursor Duke Ellington (among others) transformed the American popular music to Jazz. 

Book online here or call the Box Office on 03 9784 1060.