In-line with the latest advice from the Australian and Victorian Government on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, all venues at Frankston Arts Centre will be closed to the public until further notice.
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Fiesta Day! 2020

  • Follow the Parade!

  • Dance Performers

  • Traditional dances

  • Authentic Street Food

  • Cultural Crafts and Market Stalls

Ventana Fiesta | FREE

Viva la Vida! Join the party and immerse yourself in the carnival experience and flavours.

Saturday 29 Feb, 1pm - 9pm | Frankston Arts Centre

Immerse yourself in Latin American, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian cultures throughout the day with delicious BBQs, street food, music, dance performances and workshops for the entire family to enjoy, while roaming the unique craft stalls.

HIGHLIGHTS - Something for everyone!

  • Celebrating Wellbeing
  • Roaming Carnival Parade
  • Bar Español, the Spanish Bar
  • Little Mexico, Mexican Quarter with Piñatas, Wrestling and Mariachis
  • Music, Dance & Poetry Readings
  • International Band Playa Limbo
  • Interactive Real People Fashion Runway
  • Cuisine from Latin America 
  • Visual Arts, Guided Tours
  • Craft Stalls
  • Food Demos
  • Workshops
  • Ethnic Street Food Workshops


Family Activities Highlights:


Pio Pio Pio

Sat 29 Feb, 11am – 1pm | Frankston Library Free

A two people band who play Latin Folk Music for Kids in Spanish and English, using new stories and songs, to encourage kids to play and dance!


Capoeira: Afro Brazilian Martial Arts

Sat 29 Feb, throughout the festival | Cube 37

Come and join these talented fighters, learn the techniques of the ancient tradition of capoeira. Learn to feel the rhythm of the music while you move in tune, while you get ready to strike like a tiger!


Huipala: Walking Together

Sat 29 Feb, 1pm – 6pm| Mezzanine

Hulpala is a symbol of the ancient people of the Andean Mountains that lived long ago… come for an adventure to explore their cultural legacy. Be accompanied by a mysterious dancer and musician on your storytelling journey. Create your companion prop to bring with you before entering the installation and embarking on this colourful, mystic adventure!



Saturday 29 Feb, 1pm - 9pm | Frankston Library Forecourt

A Mexican quarter full of fun and excitement with performers and cuisine straight from Mexico as we celebrate their great culture!


Live Music:

Direct from Mexico Playa Limbo
The Lone Mariachi and The Silver Masked Men.
Roving Carnival Groups


Mexican Street Food:

Fiesta Mexico
ChillBro Paletas
Dazey Pops (popcorn)
And More!


Live Entertainment:

Photo opportunity with Live Lady Death
Mexican pinata (kids activity)
Mexbourne / Maya dance group
Mexican Wrestling by Lucha Fantastica


Arts and Crafts:

Tecolote Meixcan pop art
Mexican wrestling masks by Las Calacas