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Baba Boga

Cube 37 - Cube gallery
7 January - 9 February

Opening Event: Thu 17 Jan, 6pm
RSVP 97841060




This playful psychedelic body of work pays homage to Melbourne’s early underground techno rave scene and the artwork that evolved from the artist’s Flinders Lane warehouse and studio.

Christopher Read a.k.a. ‘Bababoga’ was a founding member of the ‘Seven Evil Men’ group of street artists with Marc de Jong and ‘Merda’. His works were exhibited at ‘Mindamaze’ in Global Village and appeared on ‘Denton’. Howard Arkley supported the Evil Men and joined their big group show at Revolver in 98. He also formed ‘Studio Grovercon’ in the Nicholas Building. His last solo exhibition was in 96 in a warehouse on the Yarra River. This footage, with projections by Warwick Brown the ‘Wizard’, was filmed by Optus Vision and will be shown at the opening.

Read says,“A few years ago I entered a piece into the mental health week exhibition, winning this inspired me to start painting again. I am a self taught artist. My work has evolved into a kind of organic expressionism with a tribal techno style. My spaceman icons and logos came to represent my philosophy.

I’ve always loved creating ‘chill out’ spaces, changing the environment to change peoples’ perception, giving them the freedom to explore consciousness. I hope you enjoy these glowing spiritual abodes, may they transport you to other dimensions”.

Bababoga is an interdimensionally recognised artist who works predominantly in fluorescent acrylic paints. 15- 20 large scale paintings will be presented under ultraviolet lights with projections.

Instagram account is #bababoga.

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