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Liz Walker

Liz Walker

Hell’s bells

Cube 37 - Glass Cube Gallery
30 May - 26 June

View 24/7 from the street front | Free Entry





An installation that highlights how the sweet appeal of sugar turned sour as it is increasingly recognised as one of the most destructive additions to the modern diet.

Collecting, repurposing and extending the material possibilities of natural ephemera, found detritus and recycled domestic objects play a key role in a practice investigating contemporry social and environmental concerns.

Liz uses an extensive range of resources gathered from around the inner city and rural sites to construct sculpture, assemblage, installations and ephemeral site specific responses to people, time and place. She is fascinated by the aesthetics of decay and the visual language created by the passage of time; willingly exploiting this to magnify the underlying issues explored in her work.

In recent years community engagement through creative workshops and collaborative project delivery has become increasingly inportant to her practice and development as an artist.

Liz has exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions, undertaken public artworks, received awards, grants and residencies and her work is held in public and privte collections in Australia, Japan, Malaysia  and Ireland.



Enquiries 03 9784 1896