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Drawing on Nature

Peter Carty

Group Show
featuring Peter Carty, Sally Bunt, Elissa Smith, Jamie Flanagan, Fiona Weir, Athenie Leckey, Wendy Westle, Karen Crawford, Caroline Graley and Rondelle Douglas.

FAC - Mezzanine

Opening Event: Thursday 11 October, 6pm to 7pm
RSVR: 03 9768 1361

4 October - 5 January

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm
Free Entry



Drawing On Nature is an amalgamation of works by independent graduating Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts students from Chisholm Institute, Frankston. The exhibition features a range of mediums: gouache on paper, acrylic on canvas, found and natural weaving materials, wall sculpture and manipulated photographic prints.

Although images of animal wildlife are included, the subjects relate to nature primarily as a conceptual source. The theme is appreciation of our natural heritage and the urgency of personal participation in preserving it. With interests influenced by different life experiences and previous diploma qualifications, the artists have developed individually in diverse areas. These include book illustration, tattoo art, photography, sculpture and three dimensional art.

Some exhibits have been produced purely as a means of illustrating the need to awaken from our collective environmental unconsciousness. Others have commercial potential, such as designs for the fabric and home décor industries. It is notable how successfully tattoo images work as framed art, and the abstractness of a three dimensional piece woven from found materials can be appreciated. The abstract paintings of endangered parrot species shown are an impressive example of how well this art form can be both visually pleasing and carry the message of threatened wildlife right into our homes. Drawing On Nature has brought together diverse ideas, mediums and aesthetics. It is also an exhibition of work by individual talents. It is a celebration of both nature and the development of the artists as they take up their professional practices.

Photographic Artwork credit: Peter Carty, Island Nest


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