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Morano Curved Wall gallery

This town, My quarter


FAC - Curved Wall Gallery
Friday 29 January to Friday 30 April
Limited Opening Hours T-F 11-4 Sat 9-2

closed Public Holidays

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Morano's creative process is chaotic; he likes to play with the idea of not preparing any sketches or concepts, often starting with something small, that snowballs, growing to places where, sometimes he doesn’t know where to stop. All he paints comes from memories, snapshots of his life. His process feels like a roller coaster.

Morano was born in Barcelona city in 1978 at the Sant Pau Hospital-now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the age of one, his parents moved to the suburbs and he grew up in a working class neighbourhood surrounded by industrial estates with no space to dream. From an early age, drawing and painting became the way to express his emotions and connect to his inner being. Something difficult to explore in the context of that moment. 

As a kid, painting on the streets started to become an obsession. He was drawn to graffiti and heavily influenced by the illustrations of vinyl covers and skate graphics. At the age of thirteen, he started to make his first murals beginning with a mix of lettering and characters but increasingly drawn to figurative scenes. He became a very active and notorious graffiti artist during the '90s, participating in numerous exhibitions and appearing regularly in the independent scene publications. 


See Morano paint a mural Live in the Glass Cube Gallery online or from the Cube 37 streetfront.



Image: Morano, Retrato con luna creciente (detail) #3. Mixed media on canvas. 126 cm x 195 cm. $ 4,760.00




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Limited Opening Hours T-F 11-4 Sat 9-2


Closed Public Holidays


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Sales Enquiries: 03 9768 1361