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EQUILIBRIUM Interconnectedness

Kathleen Gonzalez performance (detail)

Kathleen Gonzalez Villamizar, Maria Esther Peña Briceno and Sebastian Barahona 

Cube 37 - Glass Cube Gallery
Video Art | FAC YouTube Channel
Sculptural Installation | Thursday 26 November to Sunday 7 February

View 24/7 from street at Cube 37

A sensorial living sculpture installation and interactive work that interweaves experimental music, visuals and life rituals, celebrating the winter solstice acknowledging Aymara and Quiswa people from Latin America. We honour and bring to life the cultural values of diverse ancestral backgrounds from around the world.



In today’s political and social environment, creating meaningful connections and opportunities for cultural exchange are more important than ever. By connecting artists from diverse backgrounds, and exploring ancestral themes of spirituality, ritual and shared cultural values in this project, we believe we can encourage and unite communities to inspire growth and positive transformation.  

_ Kathleen Gonzalez Villamizar


Moon is the secret of our time, and the universe is a loom of stars and constellations. I blend myself with this loom and weave the truth for my pure conscience.

_ Maria Peña 


Equilibrium is a colorful journey through life and the universe.  By immersing in this voyage you will find natural wisdom and positive transformation.

_ Sebastian Barahona 



Image: Kathleen Gonzalez, performance (detail)


Enquiries 03 9784 1896