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Ventana Arte


Ventana Arte
Ventana Arte Exhibitions – Explore a range of exhibitions throughout Frankston Arts Centre & Cube 37 that build bridges between indigenous cultures from the Americas and Australia.

February 18 – April 13
FAC + Cube Galleries





Photography by Osvaldo Civetta
Australian premiere of a photographic journey to the remote and vast land of the Huarpes, first people of the north-west Patagonian Region in today’s Argentina.

7 beads of my Indigenous Necklace

Multi-sensorial installation by Daniel Jauregui, Kutcha Edwards, Kathleen Gonzalez, Fabian Cordero
and Fernando Itzcoatl.
A daring experimental work that builds bridges between indigenous cultures from the America’s and Australia.

I Am Ashé – Live

Directed by Adrian Hearn Ashé is a key principal of the Afro-Cuban spiritual practice of Santería, encompassing a philosophy of human symbiosis with nature. Filmed at the annual Afrekete Cuban Festival on the Gold Coast, this footage explores the concept’s growing influence in Australia.

Lucha Libre Costumes: The Identity of Mexican Wrestling

Curated by Victor Diaz Learn about the Mexican Wrestling outfits from the ancient Aztec traditions to the contemporary Mexican Pop attires.

Salvadorian Art – Árbol de Dios
inspired by Fernando Llort El Arbol de Dios is an institution founded in 1981 by artist Fernando Llort. His designs are so well recognised around the globe, that they have become the image of El Salvador.

Soft Hands
by Patricia Pino
Patricia comes from a long line of passionate Chilean knitters.

From Cuba with Love
by Lionel Chávez Espinosa
Painted timber medallions with traditional day to day Cuban vivid coloured images.

My Party Your Party

by Alejandra Álvarez de Di Marco
Unique handmade Cake Toppers for every occasion.
Every single piece is handcrafted with love.

Our Mexican and Australian art and culture blend

by Ulises Resendiz and Jose Octavio Ortiz
Art that blends Mexican/Australian culture: Mexican Frida Kahlo, The Vinegar Girl, Vegemite, Jalapeños and more high-quality prints.


Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm
Free Entry

03 9784 1896