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Mirjana Margetic

Mirjana Margetic

Mirjana Margetic: Female Ancestry – A life of the cloth, capture and recover

FAC - Curved Wall Gallery
11 August - 8 October

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm
Free Entry + Artwork Prices from $750

Opening Event & Meet the Artist: Saturday 20 August, 3pm-5pm
RSVP: 03 9784 1896 | See Mirjana's Workshop Saturday 27 August

Mirjana Margetic combines the use of recycled fabrics, found objects, incorporated needlework, and the experimental use of mixed media techniques, to create, cultivate, alter and discover the perished notions of past needlework tradition.


Artist Statement

The cloth has many meanings: it has its thickness and the weight of consciousness as well as unconscious. It is filled with vulnerability and fragility. It has its own way of life, negotiating continuity as well as change. It is our own “personal myth” which we choose details and colours of our lives; it has the beauty we want to expose but also makes up items we want to discard. The cloth, having become a subject of investigation, operates as a felt experience, a need, a feeling, a caprice and a pursuit. It is immersed - captured or recovered in the art process, embodied as something we keep, wear and expose, something we fear or hide from others, and something we settle on keeping as a cut-out or abandoned by time.

“Female Ancestry – A life of the cloth”, symbolically interprets and addresses questions of identity, capturing the dynamic interaction of body, dress and woven fabrics, acknowledging the embodied nature of craft and creating an individual vision of the self. A cloth as a cultural artefact and aesthetic code is here to dress an identity.

Fabrics and women’s handcrafts are a working library where patterns and threading are visual metaphors imbuing a process to reveal the image we hold about ourselves. They are also tools for developing a plot for a story and for narratives of identity. Meanings are not necessarily fixed or shared with the link between the intention of the weaver and the interpretations of the observer; meanings are far from straightforward. 

- Mirjana Margetic

Enquiries: 03 9784 1896