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Mary Raphael

Mary Raphael

The Journey II

FAC - Atrium Gallery
4 August- 15 October

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm

Best by appointment
03 9784 1896
Free Entry


The burnt sienna and the cobalt blue, engulf our land.

              Become the inspiration to create;

             To dream.

            To visit.

           To take the journey.

Drawings and sketches of flowers and trees and birds litter my childhood texts and diaries, as I sift through old boxes containing remnants of my past; small chunks of glazed decorated clay remind me of my fascination with sculpting powdered earth. I see the same theme coming  through year after year, through each stage of my life.  Nature.

Photos of my floral creations and my use of Australian native and exotic flowers depict a significant period in my artistic development, combining the simplicity and complexity of natures’ beauty with elements of design.

But it all came together, during the thousands and thousands of kilometres around Australia, and especially my exploration of  the remote outback, where elements of colour, texture, energy and Spirituality combined to inspire my need to express this on canvas.

My style expresses the essence of my outback experience….the burnt brown land and  the cobalt blue sea, being brought to life by colour and texture that appears out of worldly and spiritual.

 My work expresses peace, energy and tranquillity, which flows through me when confronted by the magnificence of our landscape and seascape.

When I have my brush in my hand, and my palette full of vibrant acrylic blobs of colour, I anticipate the result with so much excitement. With a variety of techniques, I add layer after layer, stroke after stroke, and relive the mystique, enormity and uniqueness of our land;

I relive my journey.

 - Mary Raphael


Enquiries: 03 9784 1896