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FAC Open Exhibition

Open Exhibition


Cube 37 - Cube Gallery
4 August - 25 August

Tuesday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm
Free Entry



The theme of this year’s FAC Open Exhibition 2016 is Space in Art. Artistic submissions explore the theme as a subject, as an element of art or address the genre of space or astronomical art.
Artwork available for sale.


Winning Artist 2016 | Wendy Grace Around the Burrow

 Around the Burrow

Reflection on FAC Open Exhibition by Guest Judge John M. Cunningham Director McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery

"Art is a matter of impulse discovering direction: of potential discovering structure: of chance becoming design. Colour, form, shape, texture, line and balance – these are some of the basics tenets and grammar of art. But we cannot simply look at an artwork through its mechanics. They cannot be read as documents. It is as if we were to discuss the work of Shakespeare, whilst keeping our discussion only to his use of syntax. Rather each artwork has a character of its own. A pitch that is emotional as it is tonal. A gravity that reflects as mind, as much as a physical condition. Each artwork has its presence.

This presence is of course difficult to fathom and more difficult to judge, and to be honest, I could easily have chosen several worthy winners. However for me, Wendy Grace’s work is such a perfect extension of body and mind. Her painting Around the Burrow  moves with the rhythm, discipline and balance of a gymnast with subtle flecks and washes of colour unifying a whole range of forms and space.

The artworks shown here at the FAC Open Exhibition are an indulgence for the eye, a pleasure for the brain and capture the sheer vitality and diversity of the artwork currently being created on the Peninsula. On behalf of all at McClelland, I congratulate the artists, Milla Dakovic and everyone involved in this exhibition at Cube 37. "


Enquiries: 03 9784 1896