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Ventana - Michael Ayala Ayala

Sand and Magma Ventana exhibition 2015

Michael Ayala Ayala: Sand and Magma, the Legacy of the Ocean

FAC Curved Wall

27 February - 28 March

Ceramics and paintings by Ecuadorian artist Michael Ayala Ayala as part of Ventana Arte 2015.

"This work reflects my personal discovery of the significance of magma as the primal substance of our planet that gave shape and body to the Galapagos Islands and became the sand, clay, and soil of the East Coast of Australia.

I have explored the esthetics and power of natural elements that shape natural landscapes, both in the Galapagos Islands and Australia, as a result of the impact of water, sun and wind. I have used rough materials collected in nature, and I have contrasted them against the blank canvass, using pigments, water, resins, and finally using the sun and wind as a source of energy to give final shape to the artwork.

The impact of the natural agents on elements like rocks, sand and soil gives a particular aesthetic and a special appearance to natural landscapes such as marshes and coastlines in nature. That is the effect that I have looked for in my interventions. I have started with blank canvasses and I have left my human print as a reminiscence of my primal instincts with sand, soil and clay. I have enjoyed and suffered my intervention on the canvas and I have stopped just before ruining the artwork or feeling frustrated about the results.

The artwork I am showing speaks of the human footprint or the ecological impact of humans on nature. It can also be perceived as a metaphor for the dynamics of the planet as a whole and the interconnection of elements and ecosystems, using the similarities and differences between the Galapagos Islands and Australia. Both are the most beautiful places where I’ve had the opportunity to live, enjoy life, and evolve."

Michael Ayala


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