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Jesus Moreta

Jesus Ventana Arte 2015

Jesus Moreta: Conexion

FAC Atrium Gallery

27 February - 18 April

Best by appointment

Artist statement:

Ancient cultures had spirituality in their rituals. Songs and dances to bring us as close as possible to the spirituality of the earth. The power to feel its spirit in every moment. In the wind, the water, the animals; in the same creation that is Life.

In contrast is the modern age, where spirituality is measured by power; “money”.

Without the existence of this conexion, time in the past, “speed of life”. Technology, fusion, pollution, destruction, contamination, regression to the past future.. At the start of life begins the connexion with nature.

The past present existence, future moment, “speed of life”. Conexion.


Culturas en el pasado tenian la espiritualidad etre sus rituales. Cantos y danzas de acercarnos lo mas possible a la sensibilidad de la tierra. Y poder sentir su espiritu en cada momento, en el viento, el agua, los animales, en la misma creacion que es la vida.

Al contraste de este modernidad donde la espiritualidad es medida por el poder, “dinero”.

Sin exisitir esta conexion pasado tiempo, “speed de la vida”. Tecnologia, fusion, polucion, destrucion, contaminacion, regresion al pasado futuro. El principio de la vida es la conexion con la naturaleza.

La existencia pasado presente, momento futuro, “speed de la vida”. Conexion.