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Nest of the Lovebird

Sara Catena Nest 2014

Sara Catena: Nest of the Lovebird

19 August  to 11 October

FAC Art + Gift Boxes

Sara Catena’s vibrant and highly expressive soft sculptures have evolved as a natural progression from her richly painted canvases where she uses vivid colour, narrative qualities and hand stitched elements to draw the viewer into her work.  ‘Lovebirds’ are a familiar motif within Sara’s canvas work and in the nest sculptures they have found a three dimensional expression.

The nest concept crystallised when visiting her sister in the Daintree where Sara was inspired by the nest of the Yellow-bellied Sunbird. Sunbirds are a well known and loved bird in the wet tropics of Queensland, as they often build their nests on the verandas of local homes. Sunbirds gather strips of bark and fibre to create tear-drop shaped nests that seem to hang lyrically in mid-air. These elaborate and highly decorated nests are mostly constructed by the female, who works and weaves tirelessly to perfect her home. 

Just like the Sunbird, Sara creates each Nest sculpture entirely by hand. She uses her intrinsic love and understanding of hand stitching to weave an unexpected mix of threads, textile scraps, discarded and ‘found’ elements into each piece, to achieve vibrant and delightful character.  Improvising and designing as she stitches, Sara comments, “I really love the idea of using the things that nobody wants and repurposing them to craft something beautiful, it feels fundamentally good to me. I’m deeply moved and fascinated by the response to the nests - it has been incredible!”.