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John McCormick


John McCormick: Recognition

4 - 28 September

Art After Dark, Cube 37

John McCormick, Adam Nash supported by Squaretangle and Deakin Motion.lab

John McCormick and Adam Nash are widely regarded artists in the field of motion capture and mixed reality technologies.  John McCormick is a researcher at Deakin University and Adam Nash is a senior lecturer at RMIT, together they are exploring networked real-time 3D spaces, motion capture and the collaboration between synthetic and human systems.  

Recognition is a outcome from this process, exhibited in the Art After Dark Program at Cube 37 each night in September.  Utilising the human iris they have created a giant agent or shape that looks out from the glass Cube. This agent alters its shape according to the movement it sees.  The large form of the iris responds to movements of viewers who stand before it, creating sound and strange shapes to reflect the movements of viewers in a strangely morphing dance.   When there are no people to respond to, the agent has been programmed to reflect he movements of a dancer, so it is continual motion waiting for a new body to reflect on.