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About This Event

A full length classical ballet production of the traditional fairytale story – Snow White.

We are very proud to treat audiences to this exciting, feisty and world renowned fairy tale classic!

With a cast of internationally recognized artists, SNOW WHITE will grace the stage in a full length classical ballet spectacular! This most traditional fairy tale so loved by young and old, features the superb artistry and highly skilled ballet technique of Victoria’s leading Ballet Company.

Director Michelle Sierra will bring her enchanting take on the Disney masterpiece with a ballet so moving you won’t want to miss! Come and feast on unforgettable performances from world class leading dancers including Grand pas de Deuxs by Snow White & her Huntsman!

Featuring the evil Queen, seven dwarfs and all the famous characters that we love and know from this world renowned classic tale! The Victorian State Ballet’s production of "Snow White" is a spectacular classical ballet rendition of this most famous of fairy tale stories.

Its fiery passion and exciting choreography will have audiences on the edge of their seats from beginning to end!

The story is retold through excellent staging, simple and direct mime, superb classical ballet skill and choreography which honour the traditions and story line of this famous fairy tale classic.

Take advantage of this unique and opportunity. Bring family and friends along to experience the sheer delight, enchantment and beauty of story time classical ballet. Appropriate for all ages.

‘I adored every second and was completely overwhelmed’

Dance Informa

‘This demonstrated the absolute power Victorian State Ballet has over the creative dance Industry in Australia’


‘Every aspect of the performance excelled, a work to remember for years to come’

Dance Australia

‘Passion, energy and elegance, a sheer delight! Well crafted and beautifully choreographed by Michelle Sierra with passion, energy and elegance, a sheer delight!’


‘Victorian State Ballet’s take on Snow White wonderfully appealed to the magical world we know of Walt Disney's construction’

Melbourne 2017

Presented by:  Victorian State Ballet Inc.



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