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Ventana Film Festival

  • A flamenco rule-breaker

  • First woman conductor in Brazil

  • They danced for 50 years

A Film Festival celebrating iconic female artists from the Latin cultures.

Thursday 22 March, 6:30pm | Cube 37

Free, no bookings required.

A unique chance to see two documentaries about Spanish Flamenco dancer Sara Baras and Argentinian Tango dancer María Nieves Rego and enjoy a live presentation by SBS journalist Luciana Fraguas about the life and work of Brazilian artist, Chiquinha Gonzaga.

The life and work of Brazilian artist, Chiquinha Gonzaga - Live presentation by SBS journalist Luciana Fraguas

The most important feminine figure of Brazilian popular music of all time, Chiquinha Gonzaga was an independent woman in times of extreme prejudice and earned her money with her own music. The first Brazilian female conductor, the first composer of the marcha carnavalesca genre (with "Ô Abre Alas"), she was also very active in the abolitionist and republican campaigns. Her songs had enormous success, yielding an international career and songs still commonly used.

 Un Tango Más (Our Last Tango), Argentina 2015, 85 minutes, directed by German Kral

The life and love story of Argentina's famous tango dancers Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes, who met as teenagers and danced together for nearly fifty years until a painful separation tore them apart. Their intertwined lives and careers are recounted in this documentary, which includes interviews with the now-divorced octogenarians about their passionate yet rocky partnership, as well as reenactments of the duo dancing in their prime.

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Sara Baras, Todas las Voces (All Her Voices), Spain 2017, 91 minutes, directed by José Andreu and Rafael Moles

Sara Baras is a living legend in Spain, a diminutive dancer with an unparalleled skill and passion for flamenco. This documentary takes us inside the preparations for her most recent creative work “Voces”; a tribute to the history of flamenco and the great artists who have preceded and inspired her, a work that has toured around the world including to Melbourne in 2016.

“Voces is born out of the freedom of a flamenco heart,” says Baras, “A heart that dances to its own music, that beats to its own rhythm.” Such a philosophy has come to define the career of Baras, and the documentary takes us through her history as a ground-breaking pioneer. Her rule-breaking path through the traditional world of flamenco is aptly portrayed in “Voces”, a flamenco show about flamenco masters who were revolutionary and criticized in their time and yet are exalted today. 

View Trailer - Please note: Trailer does not have the English Subtitles which will be available in the full version on the night.

Both movies have English subtitles and are PG rated.