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Free Workshops with Blak Cabaret Artists


SONGWRITING WORKSHOP with renowned singer/songwriter Kutcha Edwards

In association with the upcoming performance of Blak Cabaret at Frankston Arts Centre

By telling the stories behind his songs Kutcha explains and demonstrates his own style of song writing. Processes such as developing lyrics, rhythm, verses, the chorus, an intro and outro will be demonstrated.

Each individual can have their own form of writing a song. I use my experiences and those of my family to write my songs. I explore a theme or a concept, write down words and thoughts and then ultimately create a rhythmic poem which are the lyrics for my songs and the continuing story that is my Songline.’

About Kutcha Edwards

For many years Kutcha was the lead singer in Aboriginal legend band Blackfire who originally formed as a community fund raising band and who ended touring extensively throughout Australia and internationally to China, Mexico and Japan. The band released two albums, A Time To Dream (1987) & Nightvision (1988) and supported Carlos Santana on an Australian wide tour. In 2001 Kutcha was awarded National Indigenous Person of the Year for his exceptional leadership in performance and education. In the same year he also received the Best Male Artist of the Year at the Deadly Vibes Awards.

Kutcha went solo in 2002 forming the Kutcha Edwards Band and has to date, recorded three albums, Cooinda (2002) and Hope (2007) and Blak & Blu (2012).  Kutcha's music follows the great Aboriginal tradition of story-telling through song, and taking audiences on a memorable journey through music and theatre. Launched as a playwright in 2007 with family tribute Songlines of a Mutti Mutti Man at the Melbourne Arts Centre, Kutcha subsequently toured both this production and its sequel yuyukatha

Workshop for participants 13 years and over.

Saturday 25 October

2pm– 4 pm


Bookings: Call Cube 37 on 9784 1896 to reserve your spot.

 Kutcha Edwards   


In association with the upcoming performance of Blak Cabaret at Frankston Arts Centre

This fun workshop on Nikki’s powerful and funky Indigenous-influenced hip hop will begin with warm-up body isolations, and move on to creating and developing routines taught to participants, ending with a short showcase to other participants in the workshop.  It will include a quick trip through hip hop history and foundational moves.  Throughout, Nikki will explain her own background and cultural belongings, as well as give explanations of cultural movements.

About Nikki Ashby

Nikki is a triple threat performing artist  who hails from the Narrunga and Kaurna nations of South Australia, where she trained as a young dancer for many years with Jumbuck Theatre.  She has been based in Melbourne for 10 years.  Nikki has choreographed for shows with Move it Mob Style, the popular TV show, provided workshops in remote communities and schools across Australia, pioneered the way as an international Indigenous b-girl competitor and featured in many music videos for local R’n’B and Hip Hop artists, theatre shows and cabaret events onstage with the likes of Kevin Kropinyeri, Constantina Bush and The Bushettes, The Town Bikes, and more.  Nikki has produced and directed works for Seven Sisters Performing Arts for 4 years and returned as guest choreographer with the Djuki Mala (prevoiusly known as The Chooky Dancers) on their national 8-month tour.

Saturday 25 October

11am – 1pm

Workshops open to all levels 13 years and over


Bookings: Call Cube 37 on 9784 1896 to reserve your spot.

 Nikki Ashby

Blak Cabaret community workshops are supported by Frankston Arts Centre, VicHealth, Malthouse Theatre & Artistic Merit.